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Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

Backup4all Pro 4.6.254 full + crack patch

Backup4all merupakan software yang berguna untuk melindungi data berharga Anda dari hilangnya sebagian atau total dengan mengotomatisasi tugas-tugas, password melindungi dan mengompresi untuk menghemat ruang penyimpanan. Menggunakan Backup4all Anda dapat dengan mudah kembali ke setiap drive lokal atau jaringan, backup ke FTP, backup ke DVD, atau media removable lain (seperti drive USB). Backup4all adalah solusi cadangan yang sempurna untuk komputer desktop dan laptop, untuk bisnis Anda atau penggunaan pribadi.

Feature :
* New: Added a Backup4all gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7
* New: The CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning engine was updated
* New: An exclamation sound is played when the CD/DVD/Blu-ray needs to be changed
* New: New backup tags were added for hour, minute and second
* New: When forcing a shutdown during the backup, you will be notified that "Shutting down will corrupt current backup"
* Fix: Excluding a file from sources lead to removing the entire folder
* Fix: If the upload of a file failed, the retry caused the progress to exceed 100%
* Fix: Clean backup was executed on external drives even if those were disconnected
* Fix: Filters could not be changed from Include to Exclude
* Fix: The application did not start when computer was idle
* Fix: When backing up to a CD/DVD/Blu-ray, the fist execution date was not correctly imported after the second session
* Fix: If "Test after backup" option was not used, the application was still asking for the disk
* Fix: Importing backup jobs in Professional or Standard from Lite was not working
* Fix: "After backup" action was not executed if running from command line
* Fix: The zip name in log error messages was empty in certain situations
* Fix: The log was not open with the selected Log Viewer in all cases
* Fix: In the backup list, the last selected group was not saved after a restart
* Fix: The dot character was not allowed in a tag name
* Fix: The default backup type couldn't be changed in scheduler

Download :
Backup4all Pro 4.6.254 full + patch(19,21MB)

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