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Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

ABIX 7.20.00 full Serial

ABIX is a personal information management program allowing you to manage all your personal information easily, clearly and efficiently. ABIX does far more than the other programs of this category, by allowing you to manage your inventory, your collections and receipts as well as your budget. All your important information is then regrouped and accessible from the same software. Given the importance of this information, ABIX has an integrated "Data backup" function, allowing you to easily backup your data on diskette, which you preserve in a safe place. And if you want to, ABIX can even remind you to make a backup of your data at intervals decided by you! This way you have no risk of forgetting to backup your data regularly and your important information will be secured.

Features :
AGENDA - Enter all your events not to be missed and be notified by ABIX.
TASK - Organize your tasks by categories and priority.
CONTACT - Classify your phone numbers, addresses, customer files.
INVENTORY - Maintain an inventory of your home or small business.
CARD - Classify you recipes, collections, wine list, readings suggestions, etc.
NOTE - Write your notes and simple letters.
BUDGET - Plan your family budget, or even your small enterprise budget.
ANNIVERSARY - Enter all your birthday or wedding anniversaries and be notified by ABIX.
MEMO - Enter all your memos or other small notes.
PASSWORD - Keep a secure list of all your passwords.
MEASUREMENT - Convert any measurement units between metric and imperial systems.
LOAN - Complete loan calculator with payment grid.
ACCOUNT - Keep track of any transactions or project budget.

Changes in ABIX 7.20.00:
- In certain circumstances an error may occur after the backup.
- The cancellation of the password window during the automatic opening of a module at startup caused the crash of ABIX.
- In certain circumstances an error could occur when a transaction was added after sorting a column.
- buttons were moved up to be visible in lower screen resolutions.
- The end of the term did not appear in the amortization table.
- field was enlarged.
- field was enlarged.
- Some minor fixes and improvements were made.

Download :
ABIX 7.20.00 full Serial(6,42MB)

2 komentar:

  1. Hola te agradezco por el aporte. saludos estas en favoritos.

  2. Hi, installing the serial at the beginning works well, then in some days its appear a warning that says you are using abix with an illegal license. How can avoid that warning? I have blocked abix access to internet but anyway the warning appears. regards.