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Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Registry Fast 5.0.20111021 full keygen

Registry Fast is a lightweight but very effective Registry cleaner in the industry, which has established itself by providing the cutting-edge solutions that thoroughly scan, repair and compact your PC Registry files. The built-in features can effectively optimize your Windows System and thus improve your computer performance and speed.

Why does Windows registry need to be repaired?
The Windows registry is a vital part of Windows system which constantly records system configuration changes. Installing and uninstalling software can cause the registry to grow and impede the performance of your system.

The registry size keeps growing as you use Windows. Eventually your Windows registry will contain so many redundent items that it will lead to unstable performance, system errors, or even a system breakdown. Most computer users have no idea how to fix this, and computers don't fix themselves. People end up rebooting and re-installing again and again. With Registry Fast™ all these problems will be solved within seconds!

Registry Fast Key Features and Benefits:
* Revolutionary scan engine (New!)
* System Working Model (New!)
* Error Utilities (New!)
* Optimize system
* Full backup utility
* Clean the junk files
* Fix IE HOM errors
* Fix dll, ActiveX
* Startup manager
* Restore system
* Re-register ActiveX items
* Memory Tweaker
* Load Windows faster
* 100% satisfaction guanranteed
* 100% secure & safe
* Auto updates
* IE restore
* Friendly UI
* Create system restore point
* Maintain your system like new
* Regain disk space
* Run applications smoothly
* Manage IE handler
* Automatic/manual removal
* Prevent application crashes

Download :
Registry Fast 5.0.20111021 full keygen(1,78MB)

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  1. I recommend Digeus Registry Cleaner as it is the best know on the market. It finds and fixes far more errors in the systen than any other. I run it every time when my computer starts crashing or working slow.