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Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

WinZip Courier 3.5.9658 full keygen

WinZip Courier - With state-of-the-art compression and encryption technology, WinZip Courier delivers the power of WinZip where it’s needed most—your email system! This easy-to-use tool seamlessly integrates with your email application to automatically zip and protect outgoing files as you work. Simply write your email, attach your files, and click Send—Courier does the rest.

Features :
· Easily zip attachments when sending Outlook e-mail messages
· Conserve space in your Outlook mailbox
· Save disk space
· Save transmission time
· Protect sensitive attachments with encryption
· Easy-to-use; just install it and it is ready to work for you

Download :
WinZip Courier 3.5.9658 full keygen(7,22MB)

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