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Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Iconico Data Extractor 3.3 full crack

The Data Extractor allows website screen scraping to simply extract email addresses or URLs, or extract your own information using advanced techniques.

Features :
- Easily extract Email addresses or URLS from text files or the web
- Extract as you surf pages using Internet Explorer
- Automatically follow links to extract from entire domains
- Extract whatever you want from webpages with our NEW powerful
javascript enabled rules
- Search multiple files, URLs and directories
- Drag and drop files for extraction
- Export results directly to Microsoft Excel
- Use fuzzy matching to find information when you're unsure of exact data
- Specify wildcards or use advanced regular expressions to match any pattern
- Copy, Save and Print at the touch of a button

Download :
Iconico Data Extractor 3.3 full crack(1,22MB)

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  1. Hi Dude,

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